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His long unused cock was made hard by his daughter's hands! Today is the couple's wedding anniversary. Minami cooked a sumptuous meal, did not eat and waited for her husband to return. But when she arrived late, her husband texted and couldn't come home. At this time, the mother-in-law arrived and her husband had not returned yet, so she invited her to dinner. When she was alone, there was always someone to talk to and share her feelings with, so Minami drank a lot. She sleeps like crazy. Immediately her father-in-law took her back to the room and took over her body with weak resistance. He licked and sucked all over her body, every drop of sweat, every drop of her lust! Then the father-in-law repeated this despicable act with Minami. He didn't like it but somehow his body didn't reject it. Each time he licked around her with his tongue, his desire was released and his body slowly entered her.

Wife commits incest with her father-in-law while her husband is engrossed in work
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