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On this business trip, Sakuragi has to go with the person she hates the most, department head Kita. He still has a bad reputation, specializing in sexually harassing female employees, and of course he won't let it go. for a beauty like Shun Sakuragi. When I arrived at the boarding house, I discovered there was only one room. The manager said this was the company's opinion. Sakuragi wanted to call to check, but now no one answered the phone. . She couldn't find another place, so she had to endure sharing a room with him. While Sakuragi was taking a shower, the manager put an anesthetic in her wine and repeatedly forced her to drink. And while Sakuragi slept, he invaded her perfect body. When she woke up, the department head threatened to tell everyone, including her boyfriend, about tonight's incident, forcing Riri to listen to him....

SABA-666 Sharing a room with a drunk colleague
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