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Ishikawa Mio is a cute, good-natured and extremely attractive schoolgirl with a passion for drawing since childhood. She is a quiet person, so no matter what happens, she will control herself. I'll solve it, find out, but definitely won't tell anyone. The incident started happening one morning when she took the bus to school like every other day, but this time it was different, on the bus there was only All the men and generals were very aggressive and lustful, and she was the only one who was a girl. Fear began to creep in when a lustful man began to approach her and had perverted actions, penetrating her sensitive private area while everyone around was indifferent even though they all saw the whole thing happening. While she was scared, she suddenly remembered that what he was doing was very familiar to her. After calming down, she discovered that it had similarities with one of the paintings she had drawn. After the recent incident, she hurriedly looked for those pictures to correct them but could not find them. Accordingly, the picture she drew was of a female student riding a bus being gang-raped by all the perverted men on the bus. With her curiosity and desire to explore, she decided to commit herself to finding a solution to the mystery of whether she was the female student in that picture by continuing to take the risk of taking that bus. the next day.

MIDV-459 First time riding the train alone and the ending
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